If experiencing Acupuncture for the very first time, you understandably may have lots of questions in regards to treatment. Below are some of the more frequently asked questions, but if your query is not listed below, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

How can acupuncture help me?

Acupuncture is considered to beneficial for a wide range of conditions. What ever your particular problem, because treatment is designed to affect your whole body not just your symptoms, you may notice that other niggling complaints may also improve with a course of treatment. To find out how acupuncture could help you, please contact me directly to discuss.

What should I expect in my first session?

In your first consultation a full case and medical history will be taken, including pulse readings and observation of the tongue, after which treatment will be given. Your first session will take around 75mins. Follow up appointments are 45mins.

Is acupuncture safe?

According to research, acupuncture is regarded as a safe therapy, when practised by fully trained, qualified, licensed acupuncturist. All members of the BAcC are required to undertake the highest quality of training and follow strict codes of safe acupuncture practice, professional conduct and hygiene standards. BAcC members are approved by the Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care.

What do acupuncture needles feel like?

Acupuncture needles are very fine – they have a thickness of a strand of hair, so for a vast majority of people won’t feel them being inserted. After insertion, you will typically experience a sensation of a mild tingle or dull ache as the needle is adjusted to the required depth. For many, an acupuncture treatment can be deeply relaxing. Possible mild side effects include mild bruising when the needle is removed. Post treatment, most clients report feeling very relaxed or energised. Very rarely, people may experience dizziness or tiredness for a brief period of time.

I am receiving medical treatment for an existing condition. Can I still have acupuncture?

For a vast majority of ailments, acupuncture treatment can be performed safely alongside medical treatment you are receiving from your doctor. However, I would recommend telling your doctor of your plans to have acupuncture prior to your first session with me. Please advise if you are pregnant, have a pacemaker, on blood thinners and if you are on any other medication and supplements, but please do not stop taking your medication.

How many treatments will I need?

Acupuncture is an holistic treatment, tailored to each individual client. The number of treatments needed will depend on the client’s case history. Typically 3 – 5 sessions will be needed to start seeing improvements, but for some clients this maybe shorter or longer.  As we start to see how the body responds to treatment, the number of future sessions can be suggested.

What should I wear to a session?

Loose, comfortable clothing that can be adjusted during treatment depending on the location of points of used in the treatment. Locations for some of the more commonly used acupuncture points include hands, arms, feet, legs, stomach and back.

Is there anything I should do before and after the treatment?

Prior to treatment, avoid any alcohol that day, eat a small meal or light snack 2 hours before treatment and keep well hydrated. Following treatment, avoid any strenuous activity or exercise, drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol.

How much do you charge?

Currently your first appointment is £60, while follow up appointments are £55. Please note from September 9th 2019, prices will increase to £70 for the first appointment and £60 for follow ups. There is a 24hr cancellation policy in place, otherwise full appointment fee will be due.                                                         

Are your treatments covered by my private health insurance?

Acupuncture treatments are covered by a number of private health insurers, but it is the client’s responsibility to investigate if they are covered by their policy. Receipts can be provided upon request. For more information please refer to BAcC information on health insurance