What is


Naturopathy refers to a holistic system of natural treatments and methods used to encourage and support the body’s own self healing mechanisms. Naturopathy primary aims are to to treat the root cause of disease and treat the person as a whole, by supporting physical symptoms as well as mental and emotional health. Treatment methods include nutritional and life-style advice, tissue salts and first aid homeopathy, bach flower remedies and herbal medicine. As a trained Naturopath, I will often recommend appropriate Naturopathic methods to support my clients healing journey, beyond the treatment room.


Nutrition and Lifestyle 

Nutrition and lifestyle medicine is a key factor when looking at how we approach disease. 70 - 80% of our immune system is located within our gut, so it’s no wonder that the digestive system is known as ‘the second brain’. Medical professionals all over the world are recognising the benefits that dietary and lifestyle changes can have on negative inflammatory responses in the body, which are present in majority of ailments.  

Understanding the role that nutrition plays in health and disease, is therefore an extremely important consideration when seeking to restore wellbeing. Foods can have the ability to heal and nurture the body, or aggravate depending on each individual clients physical and emotional health. Working with my clients to restore their optimum health, with nutritional and lifestyle recommendations is therefore, a core component to their individual treatment after-care programme.


Tissue salts

Tissue salts (or cell salts) are a natural, mineral based system of medicine known as cellular therapy, used to treat mineral deficiencies in the body. Mineral deficiencies will often result in imbalances and ill health and are therefore vital in for normal cell function and maintenance of good health. Discovered by Dr Schuessler, a renowned physician in the late nineteeth century, these twelve biochemic tissue salts are a safe and natural medicine, suitable for most people, including expectant mothers and children. 



Bach Flower therapy is a natural, safe energetic based therapy, using essences of certain flowers to help ease emotional complaints such as mood changes, negative emotional states or distress, anxiety and daily stress. The therapy was named after Dr Edward Bach, a highly regarded physician whose research led him to conclude that the emotional states played a important role in disease and maintenance of good health. 

There are 38 remedies in the Bach Flower system, each one corresponding with a specific shade of emotion, ie self doubt, resentment, frustration, despair and worry and can be used individually or as a combination remedy.